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Turn Your Favorite Shopping Bags into the BEST Textbook Covers

Shopping Bag Textbook Covers

When it comes to back-to-school traditions, somethings never change. I remember spending hours covering all of my text books in high school with brown paper cut from grocery sacks. If I was lucky, they survived one 9-week grading period and   Read More »

How to Save Over $400 Per Year Packing School Lunches

money saving reusable lunch bento box

I have been packing my kids’ lunches for school for the past 14 years – that’s a whole lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Luckily my girls have always been good about requesting fun reusable lunchware which has saved   Read More »

8 Eco Friendly Lunch Storage Solutions

Eco Friendly Lunch Solutions for Kids

  ¬†   As my kids prepare to go back to school, the big discussion in this house is not whether to pack or buy lunch – that is clearly a pack – but whether to use disposable or eco-friendly   Read More »

8 Tips for a Successful School Year

When my daughter started second grade, her teacher had them do a scavenger hunt through the classroom as a way of getting all their supplies in the right place and getting them acquainted with their new environment. In the folder   Read More »

Back to School Shopping with Marshalls

Back to school shopping is something I dread each year – so much so, that I don’t officially do it! With three kids – one very tall, skinny teenage boy and two very picky girls, not only does it cost   Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – Where Did They All Go?

Look at those eyes! She is wondering where all her friends went. They have all gone back to school leaving Miss Raven here with me – boring old me – all day long. Visit the Wordless Wednesday hub for more   Read More »

5 Ways to Save Time, Money and Your Sanity This School Year


During the school year mornings can get a little hectic around here – especially when you consider I have three kids to get up and going at three different times to go to three different schools. All three kids pack   Read More »

5 Back to School Sanity Savers

Morning Routine printable for kids

The kids are going back to school soon and that means time to say goodbye to lazy summer mornings and hello to routine, structure, and backpacks! With a little bit of preparation and organization now, you can cruise through the   Read More » Dream Dorm Makeover Giveaway

College students from around the country are getting ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to dorm rooms, classrooms, football games, parties and college life in general. One of my all time favorite places to find organizers and gadgets   Read More »

Helping Kids Make a Successful Transition to Middle School

My second child will start middle school in August and while I am not as panicked about it as I was with my first child, I do have some concerns, especially since my kids all have such different personalities. Author   Read More »