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Pet Owner Essential – Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle Wearable Tech for Dogs

Years ago we had a dog – one of the most lovable dogs ever – but he was a true escape artist. We lived on a 5 acre lot and had a HUGE fenced in run for our dogs to call their own. One day we arrived home to find Kodi gone. The kids were devastated, I was perplexed and all we could do is hope that he still had his collar on and that some one would call and let us know they had found him.

Tips for Living with Pets When You Have Allergies

Approximately 15% of the population is allergic to either cats or dogs, yet when faced with giving up a family pet or dealing with the symptoms of allergies, only one in five would give up their furry friend. (source) So,   Read More »

Kid Friendly Dogs

When considering what type of pet is best for your family, dogs are a natural pick, however, knowing what kind of dog is going to be best for your family can be a challenge. You need to take into consideration:   Read More »