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Healthy Halloween Banana Ghost Snack

Hey friends! It is Laura Kelly from Me and My INKlings here sharing a super adorable and healthy Halloween banana ghost snack. SO much of the season is filled with sugar…so much sugar. While this snack has a little chocolate,   Read More »

Simple Ham and Potato Soup

Simple Ham and Potato Soup

  Have you ever had a soup that you just couldn’t get enough of? I set out to make a ham and potato soup last night and after checking out a few recipes online, I decided to make my own   Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – Race Day Nails

I finished my second 5K for the year and my daughter painted my nails special for the event. Like the white paw print for the SPCA? Cute. I have been running (very slowly) for just over a year now and   Read More »

Healthy Inside Out BBQ Chicken Burgers

How to make your own burger patties

Have you watched Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver? I watched this very startling documentary over the weekend about “pink slime” going into processed food products and it made me ill! As we enter the summer grilling season where we consume   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday – Kicking Off Summer Vacation

Today is the first official week of summer for the kids. That means a new routine, new working hours for me, and more evenings at home – in theory! It also means I want lighter food, quicker clean ups and   Read More »