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Healthy Halloween Banana Ghost Snack

Hey friends! It is Laura Kelly from Me and My INKlings here sharing a super adorable and healthy Halloween banana ghost snack. SO much of the season is filled with sugar…so much sugar. While this snack has a little chocolate,   Read More »

13 Ideas to Keep Kids Writing All Summer Long

ways to keep kids writing all summer

My boys are 10, 8 and 3 and I am very happy that I am raising creative boys who love to draw, make up stories and make lists. They however are not huge fans of printing or handwriting but I   Read More »

Kids and Exercise

Guest post by Kerri Tyler We all want to teach our children good health habits, but how should we do that? Nutrition is one of the first steps. Introducing them to healthy foods and avoiding junk food gives them the   Read More »

No, Seriously, My Daughter Sent Me 106 Text Messages in 3 Days

So that is not a typical post title, but she really did! Now I am sure that there are parents everywhere shocked that I would give my 10 year old a cell phone of her own, and even more shocked   Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – The Chore Bowl

My secret to getting the kids to help with chores is to put the names of the room they are responsible for helping with or the name of the chore they get to do into a bowl for them to   Read More »