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Over the Door Solution to Water Bottle Clutter

over the door organizer for travel mugs water bottles tervis

While our days of ‘”sippy cups” are long over, I feel like we have more cups, water bottles and travel mugs than ever. We had been storing them in the plastics cabinet, but now that we do more meal planning   Read More »

Menu Planning for the Busy Mom

Menu Planning for the Busy Mom

I can always tell what kind of a week it is going to be based on ONE thing – did I take 15 minutes over the weekend and make a plan? If the answer is YES, then chances are the   Read More »

Weekly Family Meetings To The Rescue

In the business world, it is very common – if not expected – to have weekly office meetings to check in, delegate tasks, assess project progress, identify areas that need improvement and so on. Has it ever occurred to you   Read More »

5 Ways to Save Time, Money and Your Sanity This School Year


During the school year mornings can get a little hectic around here – especially when you consider I have three kids to get up and going at three different times to go to three different schools. All three kids pack   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday – March 21

Did you ever have job on your to-do list that you just kept putting off forever because you thought it was going to take forever and when you finally just got it done it took a fraction of the time   Read More »

Printable Monthly Menu Planner

Monthly Menu Plan Worksheet

So yesterday I shared that I feel like my menu planning is in a rut. Experience tells me that with a little bit of pre-planning and some brainstorming with my crew, we can get out of this rut! And by   Read More »