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The Magnificent Marble Run

Building toys have always been popular in this house, but nothing, not even Lego, has stood the test of time like the Marble Run.

I bought our first Marble Run set when my son was about 5. He already loved the building aspect of the toy but being able to run a marble through his creation was mesmerizing. When my girls got to about the same age, we actually picked up a second set of the interlocking plastic marble run tubes so they could all build their own individual marble runs or construct one ginormous creation together.

My son is now 14 and my youngest daughter is 8, but as you can see from the picture you are never too old to create a marble run. They spent about an hour working the angles, adding funnels and moving parts in order to maximize the height and fun factor.

I just heard that another set – one with some motorized parts and marble elevators (Quercetti Marble Run with Motorized Elevator) is on my daughter’s Christmas list already! I can’t wait to see what they end up building with a third set added in.

Here are some of the better Marble Run sets – click on the image for details and ordering information.

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