The Molluscum Are Finally Gone

When I last posted an update about my daughter’s molluscum, I honestly didn’t think those things would ever go away, but they have!!! Yeah! I took a photo a few weeks ago as they all started to scab over at once.

Molluscum healing

Now when I look at the same area on her belly, all I see are a few very small scars which the doctor said will go away in time.

While every doctor I have talked to has said that molluscum are simply a virus and will go away on their own, I am truly convinced that our tea tree and bleach routine kept them from getting infected and lessened the duration. Basically we applied Tea Tree Essential Oil to the individual molluscum daily using a Q-tip then once a week I added a 1/4 cup of bleach to her bath water.

All in all, we still dealt with the unsightly bumps for about 8 months, but considering I have heard they can last up to 2 years, I will consider us lucky.

You can read more about our experience with Molluscum in these two posts: Dealing with Molluscum and Treating Molluscum with Tea Tree Oil.

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  1. Char,
    I ran across your post while looking for molluscum treatments for my 6 year olf daughter. She has had molluscum for going on 4 years now! The are the most aggrevating thing I’ve ever experienced. Like your daughter..her’s get infected and very painful too. She has big blue/purple scarring all over her legs and buttocks from the cyst like things that form when one becomes infected. I too, am curious about the celiac/molluscum connection. My daughter tested “intolerant” to rye, barley and oats as a baby, but no one very mentioned wheat or celiac? She has started to show more and more signs as she gets older..poor teeth enamal, short stature, constant low blood iron (even on iron supplement), asthma and then the skin issues. She also has hypogammaglobulimenia (low antibodies), so her drs. contribute her problems to that, but I’m wondering otherwise. Thanks so much for the treatment regiment idea..I’m going to try it and will let you know if we have any success. We have tried everything else with no luck!
    Thanks agian!

  2. Becki – I would definitely have them test her for celiac. It is an easy test – just a blood test. I know there is no way of proving that the tea tree oil was the secret weapon against the molluscum, but I really think it was!

    Please keep me posted!!

  3. my 4 year old has been suffering with these horrible molloscum for a few months now, when i first took him to the doctor he had about 8…now, 3 months down the line hes plastered in them. the doctor really isnt interested so am going to start using the tea tree oiland see if that will help..will let you know how he gets on!

  4. Hi there, my 5 year old son has MC he’s had it for about 6 / 8 weeks I’m going to start the bleach and Tea Tree oil treatment, but I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried it? And also what type of bleach they used surely sented suff won’t be good???

    Please write back – Jayne

  5. I tried the tea tree oil and after 8 months of dealing with this awful rash, we are making great progress! Our routine is to do the “dot to dot” (thank you original poster!) with the q-tip and tea tree oil every night before bed. Any bumps that are white and looking healthy get a band-aid on top of them after we put on the oil. This has really helped. When they rupture, they are absorbed by the band-aid and are not scratched, etc. Ugh…can’t wait until we are done. The oil makes them dry up after only a couple of applications. We were catching a few new ones last week and they died very quickly. Good luck to everyone and I really believe they need to be fought off. How could I have her in a bathing suit all summer covered in contagious bumps? Love the tea tree oil!!!

  6. OMG I’m soo happy I found this site. I had no idea what my son had on his legs. The Dr.s had no clue either, I am convinced this is what it is. He has had 2 that have get infected and explode, extremely painful for him. I will start with the tree tree process right away. So ironic, as my father is in Melaluca which is a company who’s products are based on tea tree oil. Can’t wait to see it it works.

  7. Hi! Our family have been the prey of this bumps since last december. My oldest (6)had only one. My youngest (4½)… a lot. Three wrong diagnostics later, there is a Dr who’d told us the name of that virus…and telling me she’ll grown out of it. She had very few for more than 4 months but since the hot temp has arrived, they spread to more than 60. She as atopic dermatisis skin. We tried a lot of stuff : homeopathic, naturopathic…a lot veggies, even a booster for her immune system and probiotics… nothing seem to slow them down even just a bit. I took care of everything that a possibly could imagine to prevent others from this virus… even washing the toilet seat after she went… I caught a few but my body kills them in less than 24 hrs.
    Yesterday, we finally had an appointment with our family Dr. He took 10 of with a little spoon (we did put that EMLA cream before as directed) but my daughter screamed of pain. We are suppose to go back in 2 days…I’ve tried tea tree oil before but in a combinaison of other oils-in a cream… didn’t work.
    So for my last resort, after she bathe in sea salt water, i’ve put tea tree oil/ravinsara oil but 2 for 1 and like a fairy tale come true : some of them were gone this morning!! The others don’t seem so “healthy” as before, some seem to be drying!
    A bit of hope in my eyes this morning and in those my girl… would she be able to go in a pool this summer… only one month to go before the end of the season and back to school!
    Thank you so much for your posts!! Yes, a bit of hope!

  8. I first froze the bumps which were on my toes caught from my school aged child, dug out the core of the bumps, applied apple cider vinegar for about two weeks, leaving it on the lesion for about four hours a day. They will get red and hurt for a while, but then once the center core is gone they will begin to heal, die off. I applied clear fingernail polish on them after that to get all oxygen out of the skin. They scabbed up and just fell off. I healed in about two months. My son had it on his legs, I did a little compound w with the both of us too for two weeks or so. He has healed up too. What a tricky skin bug, it starts out as an itchy rash before you even realize what it is.

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments. I have been dealing with Mullusca on my 5 yr old for over a yr. At one point a few months back she had 57 under her armpit and about 50-75 more in the warmest crevises of her body. We have been using raw apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and a band-aid at night time to let them soak. I am happy to report that she has only 1 left under her arm pit. Unfortunately there are many more to go and they travel to places no one would want them. My 2 yr old has had about 8 on her body and now has 5 or 6 on her anus….which is why I have been researching to find another remedy. THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR works great….we just need to get rid of more, faster. I am going to try tea tree oil, as I love the smell and am hopeful it might get things moving along faster. I notice the only scarring my daughter has is from the ones we popped, so I don’t recommend it even though it seems like the easiest way…and I’m sure they spread faster that way.

  10. Must treat it internally too. Tea tree and oregano oil VERY good external treatments to dry them up BUT not enough to stop the new ones from coming. Get a good antiviral tincture from a naturopath and give your kids garlic and vitamin C supplements…fish oils too…helps the skin heal.

    I have four littles who have been passing this around for over a year…have treated them this way BUT stopped when it cleared, then they would get it back again from a sibling…SO, they have all been on regular treatment for several weeks now AND finally they are ALL drying up and NO new ones are coming!

  11. I have been treating my daughter with apple cider vinegar on and off for about a month but she screams when I try to apply it. Does anyone know if this really stings the moluscum? Sh is s tough kid and stubborn so not sure if she just doesn’t want me to out it on or what? Has anyone tried aldera? The dermatologist told me to use that but I know it is very expensive and not super comfortable using it on as she is 3 1/2. My son 19 months also has some in his diaper area and I don’t know how to treat this? Can anyone give me the exact steps with the tea tree oil? Is it diluted or full strength? Do the kids cry at all? I am goig to try that before the aldera..thanks for your posting.

  12. We used the tea tree oil at full strength and were very careful to only get it on the molluscum not the skin around it. I let my daughter help me “paint” it on with a q-tip and we never had any crying.

  13. Hi all. I’ve been keeping up on the posts. I have the mc virus on my upper thigh. It’s terrible because it’s so hot, and I can’t wear shorts. I’ve been reading about the tea tree oils and such and went out and bought sone today. Also some immune system boosters. They are seemig to keep spreading down my leg and it’s terrifying. Ny question is though, what does it look like when they are healing? I have a few that look really scab like but I can’t tell if that means they’re getting better or not…. It looks like a little scab in the middle. Any ideas?

  14. Also how often should I apply the oil? I have a topical cream the dermatologist prescribed as well that I’m applying three times a week

  15. MADDY ~ my teenage daughter has had them on her thighs for more than a year, and because she’s a cheerleader she was shaving and they were spreading all over her legs! We’ve tried so many creams, sprays, lotions, but nothing has really helped.

    CHAR ~ thank you so much for posting about the bleach baths and tea tree oil, we are starting this tonight and will hopefully update soon with good news!

    Blessings 🙂

  16. I was just diagnosed with 12 little bumps of molluscum. The dermatologist numbed my neck and burned them off of me. Do I still need to apply the tea tree oils and bathe in bleach or if the dermatologist burned them off then are they gone for good or might come back? I’ve NEVER heard of this skin virus until yesterday. I just thought it was a rash I’d had for 2 months. Guess I should’ve went to dr sooner. This sounds like a pain in the butt to get rid of.

  17. i have to comment on this terrible plague called molluscum contagiosum…. my son started with two small bumps on his trunk that i’m certain he acquired from a public pool. didn’t know what it was at the time and after a month or so, I could see that dozens of bumps were right below the surface of his skin. bought zymaderm, applied twice a day, nothing. all the bumps surfaced – 100 bumps now. tried apple cider vinegar in bath and twice day with bandaids, and bumps got red and irritated but that’s it. a week ago, i came across tea tree oil (same stuff they put in zymaderm but full strength.) i am applying twice a day along with adding 1/2 cup bleach to my son’s bath. there has been a noticeable difference in the few days of doing this. the bumps are coming to a head a bursting, there are no new bumps. hopefully in a few weeks this nightmare will be over. btw, i also have been careful to change clothes immediately, never use towel twice, etc. tea tree oil is 1/4 the cost of zymaderm and can be found in any drugstore.

  18. My 2 y son has just been diagnosed with this horrible virus and iv no idea where he caught it, he has bumps over the upper back and odd ones at random, ive just got the tea tree oil but might give the bleach bath a go, is it safe? What type of bleach is used for this any feedback gratefuly recieved.

  19. Hello,
    Can you tell me if the small scars did fade in time? My son has the same small scars after molluscum. Our dermatologist also told us that they wil go away in time (years).

  20. my 3 year old daughter started with the MC about 1 year ago unfortunatley I did not know what it was at the time. I thought she just had a skin tag on her chin about 6 months later her neck was covered in them …by that point I knew this was not skin tags so we took her to the dr and they referred us to a dermatologist where they used cynotherapy and said they would have to do this every 4 wks for several months. They also suggested that we start to tape strip them b/w treatments. That is when I found this site.. I just stared with the tea tree oil on 5/17/12 and will probably start the bleach baths as well (only once a week though that part makes me a lil nervouse) but I a desperate to get rid of these horrible bumps on my baby!!! I will report back in a few weeks to inform you all of our progress I think it is important that other parents can learn how to help there children b4 it gets too out of hand!!! Thanks again for the advice.

  21. Hi Ladies, yes apple cider vinegar does sting! I have molloscum bumps in private areas due to someone using my razor (which i did not know about) and I have been using organic raw apple cider vinegar. It stings to tears for me, however it works so I’ve been enduring it. They dry out and scab over. I have also incorporated a product called terrasil. This has helped them to scab over as well. Before I heard about the apple cider vinegar, I was using calamine as that was the only thing that would control the itch. I thought it was gone and now I am on round two. Which in some spots has been worse. This time they look different though and what I’ve been trying to figure out is what do they look like after they scab, when the pus is coming out etc… If anyone has that info I would be grateful for it.

  22. We have just cured My Son’s MC with Tea Tree Oil and it only took two months. I messed around with vinegar at first, but that is painful and seems to bring them to a head to burst and I am worried about spreading even more. What worked for us was dabbing teatree oil onto the bumps with Q tip morning and night. With persistence, They cleared right up. They were on my Son’s Neck so the bleach wouldn’t have been practical for us as there is no good way to soak your neck. Turns out the Tea tree was all we needed. I got mine from Trader Joes. Best $6 I ever spent.

  23. Using Tea Tree Oil here also on my six year old son. He had about 8 spots under one arm and then it spread to the other arm…then a few popped up on his chest. I wish I knew what it was right away but I didn’t. The tea tree oil on the Q-Tip is working very well in drying out the existing ones but a few new ones are still appearing. We are on week 3 of the treatment (tea tree twice a day). I will defintely keep it up and maybe try a homeopathic route for something to help get rid of the virus internally. He is very happy to use the tea tree oil as I explained the other options!!!

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