The Phantom UTI

This summer my daughter had a urinary tract infection that became so bad, she ended up with a kidney infection and hospitalized for most of a week. When the UTI first appeared, I didn’t realize it what it was. I figured my daughter was just going through an irritable few days and was too busy playing to stop and go to the bathroom.

Fast forward 6 months! Friday evening we were at an event and my kids were playing games with their friends. Out of the blue, my daughter who is 6, has an accident while sitting on the floor. She was mortified and I was puzzled. She didn’t have a fever and she didn’t say that it hurt when she went to the bathroom.

Saturday she was tired, cranky, cried about EVERYTHING and had another accident. Still no fever or pain. Sunday comes and she is still ultra crabby and has TWO accidents – one while sitting at the dinner table as she looked at her food.

My Motherly instincts told me that something just wasn’t right!! I took her into the doctor’s office this morning and as I suspected, she has another urinary tract infection.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) can have “text-book” symptoms of pain during urination, frequent urination, fever, and cloudy urine, but they can also be somewhat stealthy as well. As always, when in doubt check with your doctor.

Over the next few weeks I am going to work on boosting her immune system and am also considering adding cranberry juice to her daily diet.

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