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8 Tips for a Successful School Year

24 x 48 Rectangular Maple Classroom Table
When my daughter started second grade, her teacher had them do a scavenger hunt through the classroom as a way of getting all their supplies in the right place and getting them acquainted with their new environment. In the folder for parents she included a list of helpful tips for a successful school year. Most of them are pretty common sense, but still worth sharing. They are:

1. Get plenty of sleep and have a consistent bedtime.

2. Breakfast is an important meal – don’t skip it! Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

3. Pack a healthy lunch and limit junk food.

4. Arrive to school on time every day. When you are late you miss important instructions for the day.

5. Set a regular, scheduled homework time. This should be a place that is free of distractions so you can concentrate on your work. As soon as you are done with your homework, put it in your bookbag so you won’t lose it or forget it. I like having a homework area with extra supplies in it too.

6. Don’t be a couch potato! Limit TV and video game time. Spend your free time playing outside or being creative inside.

7. When you don’t understand something – ask for help. This is such an important skill to give children.

8. Always try your best and keep a positive attitude.

Here’s to another fabulous school year!!

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