Turn Your Favorite Shopping Bags into the BEST Textbook Covers

Turn Your Favorite Shopping Bags into the BEST Textbook Covers

Shopping Bag Textbook Covers

When it comes to back-to-school traditions, somethings never change. I remember spending hours covering all of my text books in high school with brown paper cut from grocery sacks. If I was lucky, they survived one 9-week grading period and then it was time to re-cover them.

My kids have had to cover their textbooks for as long as I can remember and some teachers are fine with the stretchy fabric book covers, however, at my daughter’s school they do not allow them. That is okay, we have a better method anyhow – one that doesn’t cost any extra either.

We have found that making textbook covers from our favorite shopping bags is best. They are higher quality, thick paper and have fun designs on them too! My daughter loves the clean look of the black and white stripes of her Sephora shopping bags and the Altar’d State bags are beautiful – thick, white raised design, and a little teal accent pattern.

The other benefit is that once you cut down one side of the bag, most of the folds needed to create the cover are already made – what a time saver. Basically you just measure, fold one edge, slip the book into place and run a wide piece of packing tape over the flap for reinforcement and you are good.

I added some glittery duct tape to this one for a pop of color and a little extra strength. You can add washi tape or sticker accents if you want as well.

Do you have any fun back-to-school timesavers? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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