Will My 9-Year Old Survive TV Free Week?

Will My 9-Year Old Survive TV Free Week?

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Whether you want to call it TV Free Week, Screen Free Week or “Disney Detox” like I do, unplugging the kids from time to time is a good thing!!

My nine year old has become quite attached to the TV this summer, so much so, that I have seen a marked change in her behavior. It’s not a good thing when she is willing to fore-go so many of the things she couldn’t wait to do this summer because she just “has to” watch a certain show or play a certain game on the computer. It’s become a fight with her to do anything – from getting her hair brushed out to getting her chores done. And did I mention the drama, back talk and attitude? I attribute a lot of it to the way many of the characters in her favorite shows act.

As of this morning I hit a breaking point. Enough is enough and it is time for a screen free week for her. No computer, no TV. End of discussion. Xbox Kinect is still okay because the games we have require movement and LOTS of it.

So far today, she has gotten her chores done, brushed every last tangle out of her hair, read a book, made a card for her cousin, played with her dolls and even though there have been multiple pleas for “Just One Show” and “Can I Just Play Pixie Hollow for 10 Minutes,” her attitude is already improving.

I can’t wait to enjoy my daughter’s sweet disposition again – as soon as she has gotten phrases from “So Random”, “Good Luck Charlie”, “Ant Farm” and “Fish Hooks” out of her vocabulary! And when she finally gets her screen time back, it is going to be in very small, small doses!!

How do you handle screen time in your house?

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