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We Give Books – Reading and Charity Can Go Hand in Hand

This week I had the opportunity to be part of press event for the launch of a really cool reading meets charity initiative. If you are a parent, teacher or just love reading with kids, check out We Give Books. It is beyond awesome: the basic ideas is that you read a book with your child online and books are then donated to a literacy group you choose. The program is funded by the Pearson Foundation and Penguin Books.

How it works. Once you have created a login, you get to pick from a host of charities to have the books donated to after you read with your child online. They have books for children up to 10 years old and may add young adult books, too. The books are beautiful! Not only do the children have a free way to learn about charity and the act of giving, it also gives them a larger selection of books to read without having to go to the bookstore or library. It is truly a win-win program.

My 8 year has fallen in love with the site. Not only has she found some new books to read (like Ladybug Girl), but she is so proud of herself for being able to donate books to kids who need them. She was so excited about the program, she shared it with the principal of her school, who will in turn share it with the rest of the students and teachers in the next school newsletter.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet rockstar authors Dave Barry and Amy Tan. How cool is that? We also had a chance to discuss and give feedback to the website’s developers – and I had quite a few items for their wish list, too.

Sign up for We Give Books today – it is the perfect opportunity to get your kids thinking about giving to others while they get to discover new books!

Disclosure – I was an invited guest and I wrote this review as part of a campaign by Mom Central on behalf of We Give Books and received breakfast, tickets to the Rock Bottom Remainders concert, and a gift certificate.

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