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You’re a Good Mom!

You’re a Good MomMotherhood is not a sport, nor is it a contest, although if you look at society today, you might just think so! Jen Singer, an amazing Mother of two and author of the FUNNIEST book I have read recently, has got the answer. In her new book, You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either), Jen reveals that not only is Super Mom faking it, she also doesn’t ever put her feet up (except at the gynecologist). She also warns us of the other extreme – Slacker Mom – you know the one who serves donuts for dinner and dresses her baby in a t-shirt that reads “Future Trophy Wife”.

Through her humor and strong dose of reality, Jen encourages us all to Mother from the Middle – keeping our sanity and our children’s happiness in tact. I did a complete question and answer session with Jen at Weary Parent to get a little insight into the book. Watch this video trailer for even more fun!

PS – my favorite chapter in the book is “Don’t treat Daddy like a house guest” – so true, so true! So, even if you are not a real leisure reader like me, you need to check out this book! Its a quick read that you will want to pass on to every Mom you know afterwards.

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