The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of clean eating is the cleanliness of food right? Well, clean eating is simply settling for a life of a healthy diet, going for the healthiest food options and getting rid of the unhealthy foods completely. Clean eating requires an individual to go for proteins and fats which are healthy, whole grain meals, vegetables, and fruits. At this point, you know better than to grab the refined grains, foods with additives and preservatives, huge amounts of sugar and salt, and all the fats which are not healthy.

There are precise and clear tips to guide you through this journey because we already got you covered.

  •    Make starchy carbohydrates part and parcel of your meal.

With all the information going around that starchy foods are fattening, the number of carbohydrates they contain provide way lesser calories than the calories obtained from fats. With this in mind, do not miss to include at least a single starchy food in your meals. Foods like potatoes, rice, bread, cereals, and pasta should be at least one-third of your daily meals. When eating potatoes, ensure that you eat them with their skin, the fiber it contains will play an important role in keeping you full for a longer period during the day. As you prepare these meals, keep an eye on the amount of fat you add because that will increase their calorie content, for example, oil on chips.

  •    Your body needs lots of fruits and vegetables.

This may sound very hard but it is actually easy. In a day ensure that you take at least four to five portions of fruits and vegetables, a variety of the two. Why can’t you just make a fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice part of your midday snack? Why can’t you make it a commitment to take an apple or a banana during your breakfast?

  •    What about more fish?

Fish will supply your body with proteins as well as minerals and vitamins. Two portions of fish and one portion of an oily fish in a week will unbelievably transform your life and body. Oily fish will supply your body with the omega-3 fats and these elements are very essential because they prevent diseases. Try to avoid canned or smoked fish because they may contain the high amount of salt.

  •    Forget about the saturated sugar and fat.

It is very normal to have fats in our diet, but it is also very important to keep an eye on the amount and its type. Saturated fat is very fatal since it increases the risk of developing heart diseases. Too much sugar in our diet also increases the risk of obesity and tooth decay. They can also lead to massive weight gain which is not healthy for our body.


Make it a point every single day to eat a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet and a healthy meal play a very important role in the body by ensuring an overall good health. Always remember to drink as much water as possible.

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